Lord Howe Island by Ben Wood

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I used my favorite satellite mapping web site the other day to look up Lorde Howe Island – a small speck of land in the middle of the Tasman Sea roughly halfway between Australia and New Zealand. No, I wasn’t looking for my next vacation destination (although, having seen it, it is on my list). I did it because I was thinking about time.
You see, BioVigil is a solution for an international hand hygiene problem and our solution needs to know what time it is. What time it is where you are. Not what time it is where we are.
Now, don’t get me wrong, we’ve already solved this problem. Every data element is stored internally in UTC and we modify UTC with an offset dictated by your local time zone and the daylight-saving time rules if your local participates. No need for further discussion.
However, we were tinkering under the hood of the software that supplies the local time offset and thought about separating the time zone and daylight-saving time adjustments. We are fans of configurable things here at BioVigil and so anywhere possible we enforce a philosophy of “defaults and overrides”. This means that every configurable element in our system has a default value that can be over ridden as needs dictate.
The question was: since daylight saving rules add or remove 60 minutes, do we need to allow for an override? That works right? Sure does…everywhere in the world…
Except one. You guessed it. Lord Howe Island adjusts its clocks by only 30 minutes during daylight- saving time.
So, all you Lord Howe Islanders, you may install the BioVigil system at your leisure with the full confidence that we will accurately account for your daylight saving time adjustments.

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