Total Hand Hygiene Opportunities:

Infection Preventionist

Wouldn’t you prefer not to worry about from where the next breakout of c-Diff, CLABSI, or CAUTI etc.will come, and even worse, the consequences?With BioVigil, you can eliminate the number one contributing factor to these infections – poor hand hygiene. BioVigil lowers the probability that an infection will spread by reminding healthcare workers to perform proper hand hygiene, if they forget, based on the processes put in place by your hospital. Some of the data driven benefits you will be able to report on include:

Sustained user hand hygiene compliance of 97+%

Dramatic reduction in Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI)

Improved HAC scores

The ability to detect, alert and backtrack cross contamination (create hyperlink to this section) engagements.

Reduction in employee absenteeism

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