Total Hand Hygiene Opportunities:

BioVigil is a category-leading, patented, and data driven healthcare technology solution that solves the hand hygiene compliance gap in healthcare environments. With over 100M hand hygiene opportunities captured, BioVigil is the only solution that produces point of care behavior change with gentle reminders and engages patients to provide a differentiated patient experience. Our customers love our solutions as they achieve and sustain 97%+ hand hygiene compliance as well as:

Reduce HAI’s and employee absenteeism:

Reduced HAI’s between 30-80%

Reduce employee absenteeism by 20%

Enhance the patient experience

The badge’s green light provides patients peace of mind

Healthcare workers validate their hand hygiene status to patients

Patients rate hospitals higher on hand hygiene surveys

Gain actionable insights with sophisticated data intelligence (Data Suite)

Get alerted to patient cross-contamination engagements

Drive meaningful hand hygiene compliance results

Optimize clinical workflow

BioVigil Data Suite: Data Science Driver

The BioVigil Data Suite is a data science engine that provides on demand intelligence and actionable insights about your hospital’s compliance and clinical work flows. These insights are available in easy to read graphs, making it simple to track changes or patterns in compliance history and to create efficient workflows . Our Data engine is highly configurable and we partner with our customers to provide the reports (standard and custom) that make the most meaningful impact in an easy to use format. In addition, BioVigil supports regular data meetings with your team to discuss analytics and introduce new data points and reports.

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