Total Hand Hygiene Opportunities:

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can you tell if someone has not picked up and/or worn the badge during their shift?

A:At the end of the shift, a report is generated which is reconciled to the employee’s schedule.

Q: What prevents someone from using the opt out button every time they enter a patient room?

A:When a badge is returned at the end of a shift, the number of opt out events are calculated, and an exorbitant number will be apparent. The user will realize that opting out is the same effort as pledging the badge.

Q: How do you clean the badge? If you keep pledging the badge during a shift aren't you contaminating it? Can we use bleach after exiting an isolation room to clean the badge?

A:The badges may be cleaned with any alcohol wipe and bleach may be used for c-DIFF rooms only. Regular and repeated use of bleach is not advised.

Q: How do you know there will be enough badges at each base station? What happens if all the slots in the base station are full when someone returns a badge?

A:This is our expertise and part of our pre-implementation process where we calculate the number of users in care units and estimate workflow scenarios.

Q: Do we get charged for lost or broken badges?

A:Some attrition is normal and accounted in your written contract. This number is based on the number of users.

Q: Can the badge be seen through the isolation gown?

A:Yes- a badge can be seen through an isolation gown. We can test and demonstrate this during an onsite demo and at the pre-implementation.

Q: How do you ensure that badges are returned and not taken out of the hospital?

A:The Base station checkout procedure creates an audit trail of all users. If a badge is not returned, this will be indicated on an exception report.

Q: What happens if we lose or damage a badge or user key?

A:Normal attrition rates apply for lost or damaged equipment. This is covered under your service contract.


Q: Are reports generated automatically, or do we have to create them?

A:Reports are generated automatically and your BioVigil team schedules at least one monthly data analyst meeting to review data, anomalies and/or unusual results so we can create actions based on this data. Custom reports can also be made available to your team.

WHO Moments

Q: How do you address in-room WHO moments?

A:In-room pledge events (soap or sanitizer) are captured and reported separately from entry /exit events.

Q: If you can't monitor that hand hygiene occurs after each WHO moment, aren’t you just taking the word of the caregiver that they are re-pledging the badge?

A:Caregivers pledge the badge for each WHO moment in a patient’s room. The events are provided on a report which can be compared to the length of time spent in a patient’s room. No solution has video cameras which would be the only way to truly determine if all who moments are met.


Q: Do the doctors of your existing customers wear badges? If so, how is their response?

A: Yes doctors wear badges. It’s not about doctors wearing a badge. It’s about providing safety for each individual patient and healthcare worker. We reiterate that the hospital is working on reducing patient anxiety about all caregivers meeting the required hospital hand hygiene protocol.

Q: How do you get doctors to wear badges?

A: Doctors wear badges if the hand hygiene goals and policies of the hospital are driven and communicated by leadership. When a patient asks a doctor, “Where is your badge?,” the MD usage picks up pretty rapidly.

HIS System

Q: Can the BV data be exported / imported to/from our HIS system?

A:Yes, BV data can be imported/exported to/from a HIS system using Excel comma delimitated data files.


Q: Can you provide a client referral list?

A:We are happy to provide references. Additionally, we truly value our clients and their time and don’t typically provide this information until the final stages of the decision-making process. Our references are important to us and we don’t want them to reach reference fatigue.

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