Total Hand Hygiene Opportunities:

Chief Nurse Officer

You and your team want to provide the best 24.-hour care as possible- while making sure your hospital is running smoothly. Hand hygiene is “Nursing 101” – and there are so many other things that nurses need to take care of that it’s sometimes forgotten.

BioVigil Hand Hygiene Solutions support your already high-‘functioning and incredibly busy
nurse and care teams by simply reminding them to perform hand hygiene, if they forget. BioVigil
is designed to visually communicate hand hygiene status to patients and families, empowering
them to take part in their own care. Benefits your hospital will value:

Increased patient engagement:

You and your team can use the badge to explain that you care about patient safety and want to keep them safe from infection. It also empowers patients and families to take part in their own care. In tum your hospital’s patient satisfaction scores will increase through more patient engagement.

Patient Reassurance:

Imagine if the roles were reversed and you were a patient in a hospital bed. Would you want to ask the nurse or attending if they cleaned their hands? Or would you prefer to “just know?” BioVigil reassures patients that they are safe from infection by visually communicating hand hygiene status.

Seamless workflow integration

Sustain 97% + hand hygiene compliance

Cross contamination identification and reporting

Reduction in HAI’s

Lower overallcosts (due to reduced fines)

Your nurse team is incredibly busy and continually gets tasks added to their workload. BioVigil allows them to focus on direct patient care.

Nurse Benefits:

The badge will gently remind them if hand hygiene is needed.

Keeps your staff healthier with reduction in absenteeism

Demonstrates your staff’s diligence to hand hygiene

The badge is tracks hand hygiene, there is no embedded GPS

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