Total Hand Hygiene Opportunities:

Chief Medical Officer

You want to deliver the highest quality of healthcare to patients in your hospital as possible, while keeping your doctors happy and not slowing them down. BioVigil is proven to help you reach your quality goal, starting with hand hygiene compliance. With IOOM hand hygiene opportunities captured, our data supports the following benefits:

Sustained high level of compliance and HAI reduction:

Sustained user hand hygiene compliance of 97+%

Reduced HAI’s, improved HAC and VBP scores

Increased patient satisfaction and engagement:

Patients are reassured of safety by seeing hand hygiene status on the badge

Hospitals score higher on hand hygiene surveys after implementing BioVigil

Cost Savings:

Sophisticated data intelligence to drive meaningful results for hand hygiene compliance and clinical workflow optimization

Reduction in overall costs due to decreasing HAl’s

Reduced staff absenteeism

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