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BIOVIGIL Initiates Production of Hand Hygiene Compliance System

On October 17, 2011, BIOVIGIL Systems initiated production of its hand hygiene compliance solution, which will be built in accordance with ISO 13485 quality standards. The BIOVIGIL team is excited to see the culmination of years of dedicated work, research and development.

According to BIOVIGIL Managing Director Kevin Wittrup, “This represents a significant milestone in preparing for the commercialization effort of this unique hand-hygiene and compliance monitoring solution and fully managed service. We are looking forward to working with our pilot clinical sites and strategic partners to introduce the BIOVIGIL Solution to hospitals across the US in 2012.”

In a previous feasibility- and-outcomes-based trial conducted at the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center in Richmond, VA, 86% of nurses who used the system found that wearing the “personnel badge based technology” improved their compliance.  Further, the study showed a median hand washing compliance rate in excess of 92% in Phase 2 of the study.  See study data here.

Statistics like these are indicative of the growing need for a simplified technology that encourages and monitors proper hand sanitization without interrupting a health-care worker’s normal routine, while simultaneously producing a cultural shift in healthcare facilities – one that equips every healthcare worker, family member, visitor, and ancillary personnel/staff person with the tools they need to drastically improve and ensure hand-washing compliance, consequently savings thousands of lives across the US health-care system.

The introduction of the BIOVIGIL system is particularly timely as hospitals face a changing reimbursement landscape related to HAIs, and the regulatory landscape for more accurate and effective compliance and reporting.

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