Why did you become a nurse? by Nifiah Reid

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What is the reason you became a nurse? Is your answer to care for people or to help people to achieve a better level of health? Whatever the reason, I am sure that it was a great one.
As a nurse everyone understands that you are busier than ever, and you have several things to do that take away from the patient care that you committed to and desire to provide. All in the name of patient safety and satisfaction.
In a recent article featured in Beckers Hospital Review a nurse who was experiencing the patient role at the time of the article stated: “Over the years, I feel like nurses became busier. More charting. More things to do. I knew from my own experience as a nurse. You could just see in their faces that when they came into the room. They’re there physically, but you can tell they’re already thinking about the next three or four things that they’re doing because of higher acuity.”
I agree with her statement whole-heartedly. I am a nurse as well and can relate to the ever-increasing demands being put on nurses. I reflect on the saying “that with great power comes great responsibility” and I know that as a nurse the power to heal is our gift and I feel in my practice that it is my responsibility to ensure that I do everything in my power to ensure the very best care for my patients-and in my hands, I have the power to do just that.
BioVigil is a tool literally right in the palm of our hands that helps to enhance those gifts. It allows us to practice our autonomy as nurses and do what’s best for our patients by taking the first step in safe patient care. The BioVigil system also helps to remind us when we are extremely busy, and we become distracted attempting to plan out and coordinate all the tasks of the day. We all want to do the right things and it’s possible to achieve this goal with every interaction whether it is physical or verbal.
As we know, nurses are the frontline of nearly all patient interactions, making it essential that they have a good patient-provider relationship and effective communication skills. When nurses have open communication with their patients, patients will feel more at ease and more satisfied with their care encounters. It’s important to provide patient-centered care and communication during each of out patient encounters. It is even more important that we listen to our patients during our time with them and we should be listening to hear t the things that matter to them.
Let’s take every opportunity to communicate with our patients by keeping the lines of communication open and reassuring them that we are doing all that we can to provide the best care possible. Wearing the BioVigil badge and sharing the purpose of BioVigil with your patients at the onset of care is a great way to engage with them and demonstrates your commitment to putting them first.
This seemingly small thing makes a huge difference in improving patient safety, satisfaction and creating a positive hospital experience and possibly helping you to become reconnected to why you became a nurse in the first place- to care for people.

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