Total Hand Hygiene Opportunities:


Jerry King
Stephen Willemin

We are driven to improve patient and healthcare worker safety, enhance patient experience and satisfaction, and produce healthcare outcomes through technology and data solutions that lower Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) and help save lives.

Our mission began over six years ago with a concept from a renowned cardiac surgeon from the University of Michigan. Since then, based on our expertise and valuable feedback from our customers, we deliver a solution that works and produces outcomes. With worldwide installations and over 100M hand hygiene opportunities positively influenced, hospitals are utilizing our patented technology not only to reduce HAIs, but also to increase patient engagement and patient satisfaction, and reduce employee absenteeism. We are the market leader in hand hygiene solutions because our solution is backed by a dedicated collective of healthcare warriors, technology enthusiasts, data wonks, seekers of excellence, and passion-fueled folks – we really want to make a difference in healthcare, and ultimately partner with our customers to help save lives.

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