The only electronic hand hygiene monitoring solution that reminds and coaches at every opportunity while enhancing the patient experience.

Together we can drastically reduce preventable deaths.

One in 25 patients contracts an HAI1

10.4% of patients with HAIs die2

1.7 million patients contract an HAI every year2

75,000 patients with HAIs die during their hospitalizations1

One HAI costs hospitals between $42,000-$60,000 per patient3

1CMS 2CDC 3Beckers Hosptial Review, 5/25/2015


Your hand hygiene compliance challenges, solved.

Unlike other electronic hand hygiene solutions, BioVigil provides a gentle reminder sequence on a user-worn badge to perform hand hygiene, if you forget. The combination of these reminders, plus the awareness feature of a green, yellow, and red light, have proven to significantly increase hand hygiene compliance.

  • Proven to sustain 97% hand hygiene compliance
  • Reduces HAIs by up to 83%
  • Increases patient satisfaction from 35th to 97th percentile
  • Ensures compliance with new Joint Commission requirements
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Impressive Outcomes, delivered.
3M Patients served each year.


in staff

Source: BioVigil Webinar Series “Beyond Hand Hygiene Compliance”


Reduction in

Source: AJIC Article: “An automated hand hygiene compliance system is associated with improved monitoring of hand hygiene”


Average reduction
in unreimbursed cost
of care due to
HAI improvement

Source: AJIC Article “An automated hand hygiene compliance system is associated with decreased rates of health care-associated infections”


Client hand
hygiene opportunities

Source: BioVigil collected opportunities


Let Us Help You Become Leapfrog Compliant

Electronic solutions save time and money for hospitals while exponentially increasing the amount and accuracy of hand hygiene compliance data. A 200-bed hospital might conduct 1,000-2,000 direct observations/year though Leapfrog is requiring 20,000 observations/year. With BioVigil, hand hygiene events captured can increase to 18,000 a day or 6.5M events a year.


Calculate your facility’s potential hand hygiene opportunities with BioVigil:

Your Facility’s Hand Hygiene Opportunities:

Day: 22,320
Month: 669,600
Year: 8,035,200

Client and Patient Testimonials


Amber shares her thoughts on the direct impact
of BioVigil at Children’s Hospital.